Javascript password generator

# Nr. of unique characters Password Estimated time of brute force crack
Higher is better in seconds or in hours or in days or in years

BE AWARE: (a) These passwords were generated using javascript running in YOUR web browser, and may NOT BE RANDOM at all. (b) Parameters WERE SENT to the server including your IP address, unless you save this page as HTML (view source) and open it as a file in your web browser.


  1. Q: Gaahh! I can't remember this!! These passwords are way to complex!

    A: Read Next to writing it down on paper, I also recommend to carry a lighter ;-)

  2. Q: Estimated time to crack a password generated here is totally different from what I've tested!

    A: Good! Yes that is very likely. No one seems to universally agree on this. What I've done here is explained here. You may try different settings, especially the number of guesses per second

NOTE: If the script appears to hang, reduce the minimum password strength (t) or set it to 0.

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